Now your family can enjoy the refreshing fruity flavors of the La Primavera brand paletas in your own home or on the go.

La Primavera takes tremendous pride in sharing our delicious family recipes of authentic paletas packed with real and all natural fruits and juices and other high quality key ingredients. All of our ingredients are carefully selected to meet our highest quality standards. We produce tropical fruity flavors like Coconut, Pineapple, Guava and Mango, gourmet flavors like Rice Pudding, Yogurt and Eggnog and also classic favorites such as Vanilla and Chocolate.

Our paletas are 100% handcrafted to perfection. Our traditional non-industrialized production process provides the solid consistency and texture of our products. This production process combined with our premium formulas is what gives you the authentic artisanal taste. The formula is never air whipped for mass production because it reduces the quality of the product. Our process ensures that the final product is a solid 4 oz. high quality product. It is a little more difficult, time consuming and expensive but the final result is well worth it.

Indulge yourself and enjoy the intense flavors of your favorite paletas during all seasons, any time of the year!

Our Production

Step 1

Main Ingredients

First, our recipes main ingredient, the fresh whole fruits are hand prepared. They are hand washed, sliced, chopped and even squeezed in some cases. Once the fruit chunks and juices are ready, they are gently added and blended into our mixture of high quality cream and other key ingredients.

Step 2

Filling Molds

The mixture is then gently and evenly hand poured into stainless steel molds. Every mold cavity is ensured with a generous portion of fruit chunks filled into each one.

Step 3


The molds are placed into our custom deep freeze tank where the temperature is below zero degrees. During this step, the wooden sticks are also added into the molds and await to be frozen onto the product.

Step 4


After the paletas are frozen solid, the molds are removed from the freezing tank and the product is extracted from the molds. They are extracted by using a shock release method. Then the product is inspected for quality control.

Step 5


On this final step, the finished product is individually packaged and stored away until ready to be distributed.

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